The folk-dancing group “Känd ja Käbid” was created in 1945 and we will celebrate its 70-year anniversary in the spring of 2015. Its name can be translated as “Stump and Pine Cones” – from the Estonian saying which states that Pine Cones never fall far of the old tree or stump,  and which is also the last name of the founder and first trainer of the folk dancing group: Känd – Stump. Our folk-dancing group performs two types of dances in our concerts: folk-dances as well as author-dances, the majority of which are created by our own current and former trainers. At the moment we have two trainers: Katrin Krause and Kadri Aadma, and 35 dancers aged 21 to 54 years, which are all very cheerful, love dancing and are very open. Everybody who likes and really wants to dance is more than welcome to join our dancing group.

The folk-dancing group “Känd ja Käbid” has been participated in folk-festivals (Baltica) as well as in Estonian famous Dance Celebrations. We have represented Estonian culture in several countries: Luxembourg, Finland and Lithuania. We have also introduced folkloric dances and games to Estonian schools and kindergartens and in several cultural events around Estonia.